How Sizi Quiz works

Sizi Quiz, available on Alexa-enabled devices, is a simple trivia quiz game. You answer 20 questions across more than 20 categories in Freestyle Quiz. In Category Quiz, you play 3 rounds, you answer 6 questions in each round from one category, totaling 18 questions.

Play Sizi Quiz in between your meetings, while doing household chores, while driving (be careful) or exercising - anytime, anywhere.

Sizi Quiz is a trivia quiz game. It has 3500 questions, across more than 20 categories. Playing a trivia game like Sizi Quiz can be addictive sometimes. So, we suggest you play Sizi Quiz occasionally, only during short breaks.

You have the choice of playing either Freestyle Quiz or Category Quiz. In Freestyle Quiz, the questions will be from any category. In Category Quiz, you play 3 rounds. You choose a category for each round and all questions in the round will be from your chosen category. Choose a category from Books, Cartoon & Animations, Computers, Film, General Knowledge, Geography, History, Music, Science & Nature, Sports, Television, Video Games.

Start playing by saying any of these.

“Alexa, play Sizi Quiz”

“Alexa, open Sizi Quiz”

“Alexa, open Sizi Quiz and play Category Quiz”

“Alexa, play Freestyle Quiz with Sizi Quiz”.

All questions are multiple choice. Sizi Quiz will give you four options and you have to say 1, 2, 3, or 4 as your answer.

Send an email to to report any issues you face while playing Sizi Quiz or to send your suggestions about questions/answers.

The questions are sourced from Open Trivia Database - a free to use, user-contributed, trivia question database. To make it more user friendly, some of the questions are edited to sound better in audio medium. The questions are distributed under Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0 and details of the license are available at .

We hope you play Sizi Quiz and have some fun.