Digital Technology

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Our world is inundated with great technologies and applications.

Sometimes we are required to use them, sometimes we choose to.

We all too often feel overwhelmed, burdened, frustrated, lost.

Can technology be more helpful? Can it be simpler, easier?

Making technology enjoyable and fun.


Explores how people can easily benefit more from digital technology, in their day to day life.

Enjoy the Thrill of Trivia Quiz

There are many ways to train your brain. Trivia quiz is one of them. Playing quiz may help reduce stress levels, improve focus and enhance thinking capabilities. You feel good when you answer questions correctly, even if it is a trivial one.

Sizi Quiz, available on Alexa-enabled devices, is a simple trivia quiz game. You answer 20 questions across more than 20 categories in Freestyle Quiz. In Category Quiz, you play 3 rounds, you answer 6 questions in each round from one category, totaling 18 questions.

Play Sizi Quiz in between your meetings, while doing household chores, while driving (be careful) or exercising - anytime, anywhere.

Interested? Click the "Play Sizi Quiz in Alexa" button below or just say "Alexa, play sizi quiz". Relax, enjoy, have fun!

Be More Productive With Clockify

Do you know how you spend your time everyday? Clockify, a free digital service by COING Inc, lets you track your time across all your activities.

Do you use Amazon Alexa as your voice assistant? It is a great technology that lets you interact with many digital services in the most natural way, using your own voice.

Sizi Clockify combines the power of Clockify and the convenience of Alexa. Track time from anywhere, with Alexa on your phone, speaker or other favorite Alexa-enabled devices. Achieve freedom from opening browser, extension, app; never miss to track your time. The habit of time tracking might help you become more productive, reduce distractions and take better control of your life.

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